A democratic society and free market economy only work when business and government are opposing forces. This insures balance. When business and government become aligned and cooperative (in recent times, during and after Bill Clinton's administration), workers become exploited, resources become depleted, and the disparity between rich and poor grows without limit.

In our enterprise, compare business to the pure athlete, who competes only to achieve and win. Government then must act as the regulatory committee that insures fair competition, protection for participants, and compliance with the rules.

The middle class is now seeing that the republican tax bill of 2018 assigned them a higher burden. It is sad but true, the middle class likely will pay more in taxes. The United States is an expensive and troubled union. What is intolerable, in fact obscene, is that the upper class (those controlling business) are now paying less.

Wealth and income are often confused with regard to taxes. Wealth is not taxed. Rather it is protected and limitless, so feel free to accumulate as much as you can. It is INCOME that is taxed, or for those fortunate to already possess wealth, the accumulation of even more wealth. If a citizen earns, in a given year, an income that far exceeds that of their fellow countrymen, they should be asked to pay a greater share. Presumably, it was their wealth that enabled them in the first place. Why then would they work so hard, through lobbying and political influence, to pass laws that afford them the unfair advantage to pay even less? Greed and lack of conscience are the explanation.

It is often said that business lacks conscience. But this is misguided. Business should be under no expectation to be morally guided. Like the athlete who seeks only to win, business should be allowed to focus only on their profit, with more sympathetic objectives held as options, for those who seek to lead by example. Conscience then is the role of citizens and government, who issue conscienable controls to limit business practices and activity. Representatives are elected to act in the best interest of their constituents and our common union, not the businesses that must be regulated.

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